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A protected area of outstanding natural beauty 

The vast Solway plains have their own identity and create a feeling that you have stepped back in time.  This is a lesser explored yet breathtakingly beautiful corner of the UK that has a rich history full of fascination and intrigue.  A pivotal place so important during many stage of significant national and sometimes world history.  The coastal corner of northern England on the edge of the English Lake District and the south west coast of Scotland reveals rich landscapes and seascapes as well as places and people that have shaped the lives of not only the locals, but many who are now flung far and wide across the globe, far away from this mystical land. Find out about our different local heritage tours at -

'Immersive experiences and authentic encounters with history and local culture through the people and places'  

Solwayconnections guided tours aim to bring alive the rich and layered heritage of this beautiful, sometimes forgotten part of NW England and SW Scotland and to give visitors treasured and fond memories to take home with them from their time spent in the Solway region.

Secret Solway tour itineraries are designed to suit your group needs and interests.

With a rich layered history and many beautiful wildlife habitats there is much to see around the Solway coast and borderlands.  Solwayconnections want visitors to get the most out of their time in the area. Our bespoke tours page provides a list of suggestions for groups who might have special interests.  Please get in touch if there are specific things in the area that you would like to see.   Some of the rural Solway roads are not suitable for larger vehicles, but with her indepth knowledge of the Solway area Fiona Stoddart can design a Secret Solway guided tour itinerary which is suitable for your group and the size of vehicle you want to use.

For more information about Solwayconnections guided heritage tours, please contact  or phone 07494489901