Guided Heritage Tours

Heritage walking and driving tours with a local guide, discovering built and natural sites of the stunning Solway coast and Borderlands of north Cumbria, England and Dumfries & Galloway in south west Scotland. Immersive experiences and authentic encounters with local culture through the people and places.  Delve into a rarely touched corner of the British Isles.

The Solwayconnections way.... A warm and friendly approach to sharing the secrets of the Solway and Borderlands.  We have strong local connections with people who have been a long time part of the fabric of Solway and Borders life.  People with ancient traditions passed on from generation to generation and stories to tell.  We want guests to enjoy an interesting, informative experience that is fun, enlightening and full of local stories that they want to share.  Our tours celebrate the heritage and culture of the locals living in the area and we hope our visitors will gain a sense of how important it is to preserve the uniqueness of this stunning part of the UK.  Our tours are designed not to impact on the important and fragile natural environment and wildlife of this beautiful area.

Solwayconnections guided Secret Solway tours take visitors on a journey of lesser known heritage sites and natural environments on or near to the Solway coastlines of Scotland and/or England. We also now offer bespoke Borderlands small group tours that explore the stories and history of the border people. With visits to historic and scenic sites, through interpretation, stories and sometimes encounters with local people, the aim of a Solwayconnections tour is to give visitors a fun, authentic and immersive experience and some valued memories to take with them from their time in these less travelled lands.

Solwayconnections guided tours have been devised by Fiona Stoddart to share with visitors the rich local heritage and landscape of the Solway coastal and the border areas in both north west England, and south west Scotland.  Fiona has lived close to the Solway for nearly 20 years and her indepth knowledge of the area and network of local contacts allow her to devise detailed and authentic guided tour itineraries suitable for different sizes of group and different interests. She designs and guides tours which are suitable for individuals up to groups of 50 people in size.