Bespoke Tours

Bespoke Secret Solway guided tours

At Solwayconnections we research, organise and provide bespoke Solway guided heritage tours and fieldtrips. These can be cultural, historic, geographic – of short or longer duration, according to the clients specialist interests and needs. We can develop niche tour itineraries on any of the following:

  • Sacred sites of the Solway
  • Wildlife habitats
  • Coastline and seaports
  • Scenic locations for photography and filming (wildlife, landscape, historic sites)
  • Roman remains
  • Ancient wayfaring
  • Medieval times
  • Historic Kings and the Solway
  • Solway warlords and raiders
  • Famous Solway artists and writers
  • Solway Smugglers

If you want to arrange a bespoke Secret Solway tour or would like to find out more about our tours, please phone 07494489901 or 01228 915929. You can also email  For information on our wheelchair friendly tours, please contact us.