Frequently Asked Questions

Where will your Solwayconnections tour guide meet you and your group?

The time and location where your group will meet their tour guide will have been discussed as part of the tour booking process.  A suitable Solwayconnections guided tour itinerary for your group will have been devised from the agreed meeting location.

What do we do for our lunch on full day tours?

Our day tours will take you to a local seaside or market town where there are a number of different cafes and food outlets which offer food suitable to meet the needs of different dietary requirements. You will have time to purchase your lunch and spend a little time exploring before your transport leaves to take you to your next heritage destination.

What should I wear?

Solwayconnections guided tours using vehicles are designed to include visits to different heritage sites, gardens and natural sites. Some of the sites are a short walk away from the parking area and have a few steps at their entrance. Some of the footpaths at sites can also be a little uneven in places. We therefore advise people to wear outdoor shoes with soles that are suitable for walking on uneven surfaces. We suggest you also bring a waterproof jacket with you. During the summer months you may wish to wear your insect repellent when visiting natural habitats.

Solwayconnections guided walking tours visit outdoor sites with uneven ground and in some instances hills.  It is therefore recommended that clients wear out door walking shoes with soles that are suitable for walking safely on uneven ground and up and down hills.  Please get in touch if you have questions about what to wear on a one of our guided tours.

Solwayconnections guided tours adhere to the uk Government  and national tour guiding Covid 19 safety guidelines as outlined in the next column.  Should visitors choose to wear face masks or visors they must provide their own PPE and hand sanitizer for their own personal use during a tour.

Your Secret Solway tour guide will adhere to the following Covid 19 safety advice provided for professional tour guides.  Your tour guide -

will require your name and contact details for track and trace purposes.  These will be stored safely for 21 days, in line with government guidelines.

will ensure they are familiar with the most up-to-date government public health guidelines and will adhere to these for the duration of the tour.

will maintain government-recommended social distancing between themselves and clients at all times. On tours where the group includes different households, guides will encourage and help clients to adopt appropriate social distancing between each other too.

when guiding groups from different households, guides will follow government guidance to determine the maximum possible group size.

will avoid shaking hands or any other physical contact with clients.

will apply rigorous hygiene practices, including thoroughly cleaning and waiting for hands to dry before guiding, and use a personal hand sanitiser when this is not possible.

will wear a mask if required.

will know where public toilets/hand-washing facilities/hand sanitiser points are available.

will use sound devices to facilitate effective social distancing on guided tours.

will ensure they are fully aware of sites' specific Covid-19 requirements and comply with them.

will be familiar with more crowded areas and will make best efforts to negotiate them, or if appropriate, avoid them.

What about toilet facilities?

As  the Covid 19 lock down eases more public toilets are becoming available and your tour guide will be able to advise you of places where facilities are available.

Please contact if you have any further questions.