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Atmospheric Hermitage Castle

Riding the boundaries a Borders tradition

Border weaving heritage

The Scottish and English Borderlands, Hadrian's wall country, the 'Debateable lands' a contrasting landscape of lush green wooded river valleys set against rugged moorland.  The remote edge of the mighty Roman empire -  for centuries known as lawless lands, controlled by violent men of arms.   A land of secret pathways for the ruthless Border riding families.  Mired in battles and feuds for more than a thousand years.  It was not until the late 1700s and the beginning of industrialisation in the 1800s that life became a little more peaceful and prosperous for many people living in the Scottish and English border communities.

Find out about the dramatic history of this beautiful and undiscovered area of the UK -from Romans to Reivers to weavers and more. Take in the harsh, rugged landscapes that Roman army conscripts viewed from their postings to Hadrian's Wall. Hear the tales and see the fortified medieval homesteads of notorious Border Reiver families.  Follow the stories of those who were moved off the land to live in purpose built weaving communities. Explore less well-known heritage sites as you travel through the stunning borderlands countryside.  Tours can be designed to suit specific interests.

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Hadrian's Wall country